NEW88 Extremely Western Cockfighting, Feel Free to games 2023

NEW88 Western cockfighting must be very familiar to those of you who have a passion for online cockfighting. The matches are always attractive and attract a large number of participants because of their exciting enthusiasm. So let’s join in the next article NEW88 Please explore and find out all related information in detail.
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NEW88 Western cockfighting – Find out when was cockfighting popular?

This is a traditional form of cockfighting and has been passed down for a long time in our country. The origin of the development of this type is in the Six Western provinces. The matches are always exciting and attract many participants because of their charisma, attraction and thrill.

Along with the development of modern technology today NEW88 Western cockfighting was launched and quickly attracted a large number of participants. At the same time, since it was first updated, this form of cockfighting has always been the top choice of many players.

Why should you choose to participate in NEW88 Western cockfighting entertainment?

The playground always attracts a large number of members to participate because of its great advantages such as:

  • Matches are continuously updated every day.
  • Fast update speed with excellent sound and image quality.
  • The playground is reputable, transparent and regularly offers attractive bets.
  • The payout rate in matches is guaranteed to be the highest in the market today.
  • Ensure absolute confidentiality of player information throughout the entertainment process.
  • Quick payout, extremely fast transaction execution speed and guaranteed quick approval in a few minutes.
  • Regularly provide super promotions exclusively for members participating in fighting in the West.

NEW88 Western cockfighting – Detailed instructions on how to participate

To be able to immerse yourself in the exciting and passionate matches at cockfighting NEW88, you need to perform the following super simple operations:

  • Step 1: First, players need to find the correct link, then access and register to log in to their account.
  • Step 2: To participate in betting, you need to deposit money into your personal member account at the house.
  • Step 3: Click on the cockfighting section, select the reputable gaming hall you want to join and click on the fighting form in the West.
  • Step 4: Join an exciting match that attracts you, watch and make smart betting decisions to confidently bring home big prizes.

NEW88 Western cockfighting – Details about cockfighting rules

Rock rules of the type NEW88 Western cockfighting is also quite simple, interesting and easy to grasp, specifically:

  • The cocks participating in the match are also similar in weight. If the difference is only a maximum of about 300gr according to regulations.
  • Because the breeds of chickens in the West are usually light in weight, there will be categories such as: Heavy class from 3.5kg, medium class for chickens from 2.5kg to 3.5kg, light class. is under 2.5kg
  • Cases of winning or losing in the match are: One of the two cocks cannot continue to compete or dies, screams, runs away, does not bite, does not kick,…

NEW88 Western cockfighting – Commonly used chicken breeds

The following are the millet varieties you will often encounter in fighting matches in the West:
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Cao Lanh chicken – NEW88 breed fighting Western Dong Thap chickens

Cao Lanh fighting chickens are a fighting breed bred between Cambodian fighting chickens and Vietnamese chickens. This chicken breed excels with the advantage of strong attack power and quick manipulation. In addition, it is also considered a fighting cock that combines two classy elements: attack and defense, so it is often used and participated in matches.

Tra Cu Chicken of Tra Vinh

This is also one of the popular breeds widely used in matches in the West. At the same time, this place is also a gathering place for high-class, experienced cockfighters. That is why we have nurtured strong and heroic fighting cocks.

Cho Lach Chicken in Ben Tre

In terms of breedNEW88 Western cockfighting also has many characteristics from the Vietnamese breed. At the same time, the chicken breed stands out and receives attention for its shape and extremely aggressive instincts.

Matches in the West often have the participation of fighting cocks from Ben Tre. At the same time, these matches always attract a large number of visitors and participants at the house. The exciting battle is loved by many people because of its appeal, thrill and drama. These fighting cocks often dominate all matches they participate in.

This name details interesting related information aboutNEW88 Western cockfighting. Hopefully through the above presentation you will understand more, grasp the standards and confidently participate in entertainment and betting.

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