How to Play Chess OTHELLO What is that? Game Origins

Stemming from many different theories, the origin of this game has become popular. Name ‘OTHELLO’ of this flag line is taken from the play “OTHELLO, the Moor of Venice” by William Shakespeare. This is a game with a long history and is popular around the world. How to Play Chess OTHELLO Quite easy to play and suitable for all ages. Access Trang chủ New88 to learn more deeply.

Learn about chess setsOTHELLO

Chess set OTHELLO Includes chess board and chess pieces. The chess board is divided into an 8×8 square grid, while the chess pieces are shaped like coins with light and dark sides, possibly white and black.

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 How to Play Chess OTHELLO

In this game, the first player to be determined is the black player. Players will take their turns in order and with legal moves. If a player makes an illegal move, they lose their turn and play passes to their opponent. At the same time, players cannot decide to skip their turn. In case both players cannot make a move, the game will end.

How to play OTHELLO chess with legal moves

A move is made by placing one of the player’s pieces on the board in such a position as to form at least one horizontal, vertical or diagonal row between the new piece and the old pieces, and between them there is at least one piece. of opponents.

If it is not possible to place and turn over at least one piece, the player loses his turn and the turn passes to his opponent.

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 How to Play Chess OTHELLO What to note?

Once a piece has been placed on the board, the player is not allowed to move it again. In case a player runs out of pieces, but still has the ability to place and turn over his opponent’s pieces, the opponent will have to provide one of his pieces for the player to use.

Game over

The game ends when both players can no longer make legal moves. This happens when all the squares on the board are occupied or when one side has no pieces left on the board. At that time, the player with the greater number of pieces will win.

Tactics in playing chess OTHELLO effective

To facilitate winning chess games, setting up strategies is extremely necessary. Remember these important strategies:

Occupy the corner

If there is already a piece placed in the corner, that piece will not be exchanged until the end of the game. Therefore, players can take advantage of corner pieces to build and hold a group of pieces together with the adjacent edge, forming a solid system. Taking the corner is an effective strategy when the opportunity arises.

In short, a piece becomes stable when it lies within the four boundary directions, forming a full row of pieces, which has adjacent pieces of the same color and is blocked at both ends by pieces of another color.

At the border

The chess pieces are placed on the side record Chess boards seem to have more sturdiness (because they are less likely to be turned over easily). The four squares at the four corners of the chessboard are called X-squares. When a chess match begins or is in progress, if the players occupy these squares, it will be a sure guarantee of controlling them.

Mobility in playing OTHELLO chess

A tactical player will not easily give up corner capture or any other strategic move. So, to reach these strategic locations, you need to apply pressure, forcing your opponent to miss important moves.

The best OTHELLO way to do this is to reduce the number of moves available to the opponent. If you can reasonably limit the number of moves that can be made by your opponent, sooner or later they will have to make unwanted moves. An effective strategy to achieve this is to arrange your pieces so that they stand next to each other, surrounding your opponent’s pieces. With such a position, you can easily predict your opponent’s potential moves.


Similar to chess or checkers, players should not only care about the current situation of the board. For each move, you need to consider the opponent’s possible responses, then your ability to react, and then the next developments. Frequently, the current situation does not necessarily reflect potential future moves.


The above article has analyzed all the important information about How to Play Chess OTHELLO. Gamers can also access link inNew89 to play and learn more about this exciting game.

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