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Exterior Decoration of the House

A wide selection of materials for exterior decoration of the house speaks of the status of its owners. And which type of finish to choose is a matter of taste. Today, the most common building materials that are used to finish the house from the outside are siding, block houses, natural or artificial stone, brick, and plaster.

Overview of Popular Materials

Siding. This material has proven itself quite well in the construction market. It is most popular among those who want to give their home a new and tidy look. Finishing the house with siding on the outside is done relatively quickly. This is already established technology, tested over time. For work, a complete set of materials is purchased, the list of which includes not only siding sheets, but also profiles, and slopes for windows and doors. Sheets are strengthened on a special frame, which is built in advance around the entire perimeter of the house. For example, the advantages of james hardie siding include heat resistance, strength, and reliability. It does not fade in the sun, does not rust, and is not afraid of moisture. A special mention should be made of vinyl siding, which perfectly imitates decorative plaster, brickwork, and wood.

Blockhouse. This material is very interesting for finishing the house. The block house is a panel made of pressed wood with various additives. The exterior finishing of cottages with a block house is very reliable because the panels are impregnated with special substances that perfectly resist moisture, and prevent rotting and the appearance of mold. Natural stone Exterior decoration with natural stone is rarely used, as its cost is much higher. But, as they say, the price justifies the quality. And indeed, the stone is something monumental, because it was not for nothing that many centuries ago palaces and castles were built only from it. But they did not succumb to destruction for centuries. There is nothing scary about such processing. Natural stone is practically unaffected by external influences. The most important thing is that the mixture used for masonry is of high quality and stone.

Artificial stone. Another thing is artificial stone, it is inferior to natural stone only in cost, but not in terms of its characteristics. Outwardly, it does not differ from real stone, but some manufacturers manage to add decorative elements that allow the finish to look quite interesting. Decorating the outside of the house with any kind of stone is a true and reliable solution. The optimal solution It is, of course, worth listening to the advice on choosing materials for decorating the house, but the last word will remain with the owner of the house. The main thing is to determine what functions the exterior decoration of the house should perform. It will only decorate the walls of the building, insulate them or protect them from the aggressive effects of the external environment – rain, wind, sun, and frost. But the quality of materials should not leave any doubts, it is not worth saving on it.

Why choose James Hardie Siding for Decoration of the House?

The excellent features of James Hardie fiber cement products make them the preferred choice of professional builders, architects, and homeowners, including their low maintenance. James Hardie fiber cement slats are thinner and lighter than their counterparts, but at the same time stronger. This ensures fast installation of your facade – with fewer delays and complications.

The main advantages include:

  • Low operating costs
  • Resistance to atmospheric influences – does not shrink, does not crack, and does not deform
  • Fire resistance – non-flammable fire resistance class NG
  • Simple installation
  • Environmental friendliness

Not all fiber cement siding is the same. And here’s why:

James Hardie siding is developed using seventh-generation fiber-cement technology. All products undergo more than 40 strict quality checks during the production process. Nothing is left to chance so that the product does what it promises: to protect the house as much as possible.

James Hardie fiber cement products are designed for climate conditions with HardieZone™ technology. The product’s unique formulation allows you to create the strongest facing and facing slab ever created.

The slats do not shrink, swell or crack even after many years of extreme conditions. Using proprietary additives, a fiber cement base is created that is specially designed to reduce water absorption and resist damage in wet or frosty conditions. The facade made of fiber-cement slats can withstand any climatic conditions!

The advanced ColourPlus™ technology in James Hardie Fiber Cement Cladding makes your home more resistant to fading under high levels of UV radiation, and as a result, requires fewer repaints.

Cladding materials from James Hardie fiber cement have the highest possible fire resistance class for colored materials: NG. This means that it is a non-combustible facing material.

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