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How to choose a faucet in the bathroom: tips and recommendations

In the modern sanitary ware market, there is a huge range of faucets that please customers with their aesthetic appearance and technical innovations. A large number of manufacturers fight for their customers, providing a variety of models, manufacturing materials, color range of mixers and faucets. Manufacturers create collections of plumbing products made in the same style, and it is possible to choose faucets, bathtubs, a washbasin, a toilet, a bidet, mixers and other attributes that fit the required style and interior design.

We decide on the quantity

In the process of choosing a mixer or faucet for the bathroom, you need to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • manufacturing material;
  • basic functions;
  • Specifications;
  • simplicity and ease of installation;
  • manufacturer’s warranty and estimated service life.

Many experts advise buying faucets for sacramento water heaters, bathtub faucets and sink separately. One unit may not cope with the constant load and quickly become unusable or require repair.

Classification, types

Relying on high and constant demand, as well as on the commitment of buyers to one or another type of these plumbing products, today a large assortment of faucets of various modifications is produced.

Depending on the design of the product, all faucets can be divided into the following types.


They are characterized by the presence of two handles, one of them is responsible for supplying hot water, and the other – is for cold water. At the heart of this type of mixer is the bucks clan. It is used to close or open the water depending on the position of the handle. Crane bushings in such cranes can be brass or ceramic.

Advantages of two-valve mixers:

  1. you can adjust the required water temperature very quickly;
  2. they can be installed easily and simply by yourself.

Disadvantages of two-valve mixers:

  1. in brass crane boxes, the gaskets should be replaced regularly, as they quickly wear out;
  2. regulation of water pressure and its temperature is carried out separately;
  3. they are economically unprofitable, because a lot of water flows in the process of adjusting the pressure and temperature. This drawback can be removed if ceramic valves or an aerator are used in the faucet.

Single lever

Single lever mixers have only one lever. The lever is turned in the desired direction to adjust the water temperature.

Advantages of mixer taps type:

  1. adjustment of water temperature and pressure is performed simultaneously;
  2. all water settings can be performed with one hand;
  3. water is covered in one movement;
  4. some models have a special valve that helps to significantly save water consumption.

Disadvantages of mixer taps:

  1. this type of faucet cannot be repaired. If something in it is broken, you need to buy a new module. Usually mixers become unusable due to the composition of the water, which contains a lot of heavy metals and salts. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase the main water filter together with the single-lever mixer.

The mixer can be a joystick. In this case, the water supply control lever is located above the faucet or can be separated into a separate module.

Immediately read the article about repairing a faucet with your own hands to be ready for different situations.


  1. Plastic faucets are the cheapest. Their merits include a lightweight and convenient installation. The only main disadvantage is that they have a short service life.
  2. Alloy steel faucets are pretty good in terms of basic features. They are not affected by rust. But the main drawback is the short life of this type of mixer. Manufacturers of faucets also do not like to use alloy steels, since the processing of the material is a very difficult process.
  3. Silumin mixers are made of a special alloy of silicon and aluminum. The advantage is the prevention of corrosion. But they also have a drawback – the material is very fragile, so they cannot withstand heavy loads and soon break.
  4. Brass faucets have taken pride of place in the plumbing equipment market. The quality of the mixer can be determined by its weight. Brass faucets have a lot of weight and are environmentally friendly products. The proportions of copper and zinc to create the alloy are always clearly observed in the production process, so we can talk about the safety of the product.

Faucets made of brass are usually covered on top with an additional protective layer of chrome or nickel. The chrome plating process gives the product anti-corrosion properties. They also produce premium-class mixers, which use bronze, silver or gilding for coating. Such a product is a rather expensive pleasure.

Today, chrome faucets with a special “aging” effect have become popular.

One faucet can be made of different materials. Such products will be a good option for the bathroom. They are made of two materials – the internal parts of the faucet are made of brass, and the rest of the parts are made of plastic. Parts for fastening and adjustment should be made of stainless steel, then the product will serve for a long time.

Leading manufacturers

In the modern sanitary equipment market, there are many manufacturers from different countries who produce faucets by international standards and norms, therefore they guarantee quality products.

Prices for quality sanitary ware are quite high. Chinese companies also present many copies of models of famous brands at low prices. But it is worth remembering that they do not have a long service life, since they are made of low-quality materials. Only well-known manufacturers of mixers are responsible for the high quality of products and give a guarantee for several years.

You can also order exclusive models of mixers with an expensive coating, then you will have to pay several thousand dollars for it.

With a thermostat

Thermostatic faucets appeared on the sanitary equipment market quite recently. The main feature of this type of faucet is that you can set the water temperature. Although, at first glance, the design should be complex to perform this function, in reality everything is very simple. Such a mixer has two handles: one is responsible for the water temperature, and the other – is for the pressure.

Advantages of thermostatic mixers:

  1. the pressure in the pipe will no longer affect the temperature of the water. This mixer will be a good purchase if there are small children in the family. I hide everything from you, you are familiar with the situation when you open the water tap in the kitchen, and in the bathroom the water temperature changes and as a result either boiling or ice water comes out;
  2. sophisticated aesthetic appearance;
  3. under any circumstances, the water temperature remains as you set it yourself
  4. the structure of this type does not differ from ordinary mixers, so the necessary spare parts are always on

The disadvantage of thermostatic mixers is the high cost of the product, not everyone can afford it.


Contactless mixers are new models, more improved for convenient use. The principle of operation consists of the automatic water supply. You don’t need to open any faucets, you only need to raise your hands to the faucet and water starts pouring, take your hands away – after a few seconds, the water supply stops. This process is controlled by infrared sensors. This type of faucet can be electric or battery operated.

Advantages of non-contact mixers:

  1. great water savings, as water flows only if the sensors have detected your presence;
  2. ensuring maximum hygiene of the conducted water procedures.

Disadvantages of non-contact mixers:

  1. without electricity or working batteries, it is impossible to take water procedures;
  2. can be installed above the sink. It is better not to use it for use in the bathroom, because you will need to stand near the tap to fill the bath.

Waterfalls and faucets with lighting

Waterfall or cascade mixers have become very popular in the field of plumbing equipment, because they allow you to create a unique bathroom interior. Their main difference is in the design of the spout. Namely:

  • for pouring, an aerator is not used to supply air to the water stream;
  • the hole has a wide shape, which allows you to create a waterfall effect;
  • these faucets allow better water flow.

In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that purchasing a reliable and high-quality faucet for the bathroom is a very important and difficult task. When choosing a mixer model, it is necessary to pay attention to its functional purpose, technical characteristics, how convenient it is to install the product, what material it is made of, color scheme, manufacturer of the product, presence of backlight, and so on. If you approach the choice of a mixer with all responsibility, it will have a long service life.

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