Iran coach shared with Vn88: ‘People want to kill my players’ Coach Carlos Queiroz explained the Iranian players’ act of not singing the national anthem before the match against England on the evening of November 21 (Hanoi time).

You don’t know what state these boys have to live in these days, just because they want to show themselves as players,” the captain of the Iran team told the press after the 2-6 defeat to England in the Premier League. opening day of the World Cup 2022. The Asian team was criticized by many home fans for not singing the national anthem before the match.

Mr. Queiroz responded to the above criticism: “No matter what they ( critics) do or say, they want to kill my players. Let the players represent the country. and play for the people. They represent the Iranian people in this World Cup.”

The Iran coach added: “All Iranians are welcome in the stadium. They have the right to criticize the team, but those who come to harass the team with non-football matters are not welcome. Fans from Iran who are not ready to support the team should stay at home. We don’t need that.”

British media revealed that Iranian players could be in big trouble, even affecting their lives because of their refusal to sing the national anthem. The Persian team is said to have acted to support women in the country to express their rights to freedom.

When the music was played, the players in red just stood still and didn’t sing. On the Iranian training bench, only a few members sang the national anthem. Television cameras in the yard later also caught an Iranian woman sobbing before the match. The image was recorded by a reporter of Vn88 mobile present at the stadium.

Many protests have taken place in Iran over the past several months to demand equal rights for women. Coach Queiroz admitted that the domestic unrest was also the reason why the Iranian team did not play well against England.

“Everyone knows what is happening, my players are in a difficult situation,” said the Portuguese strategist. “They can’t give it their all for the tournament, they’re affected by it. They’re human.”

How to attack in front of a crowded defensive block and back low? The answer consists of 2 details. First of all, the ability to rotate and put the ball through the line, overcome the first layers of defence. The second is the ability to stretch the opponent horizontally in the top line, thereby creating space inside.

If the first detail is relatively dependent on the quality of the player, the second detail can be created by the coach. Experienced leaders in solving the “Vn88” media problem such as Luis Enrique, Pep Guardiola, Joachim Loew … all clearly understand the need to create the ability to stretch the width at the top line, and they do it. it by applying different methods.

So what is Coach Southgate’s method? The answer is nothing. By allowing both midfielders to fall inside but without any specific “filling” measures, the former Middlesbrough head coach inadvertently made Iran’s defense relatively easy.

Usually, coaches can choose to push full-backs up to create the ability to stretch the width. However, both Luke Shaw and Kieran Trippier only kept low positions and participated in receiving the ball, rotating with the central defenders and then moving from the bottom, instead of occupying the upper position.

That is a logical caution – this is the opinion of Vn88cx, but overall, Iran is much easier to defend. When England went down the border, there was almost no specific plan for them to change the direction of attack with diagonal swings. Statistics from FIFA+ show that England did not make any offensive redirects in the first half, although it should have been an important weapon in this game.

Almost in the only phase with a good stretch structure, Anh immediately scored. That was the opening goal of the match.

It all started with Luke Shaw in a high position on the left corridor. Immediately Iran’s right-back was drawn in this direction, instead of closing in on Mason Mount in the area in front of him.

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