Jun88 Privacy Policy – Terms to Remember

Jun88 privacy policy is the content of the agreement of the player and the house in detail. This information is set out to ensure the best interests of customers. In addition, this is also a way to show respect for the redemption service provider and the player according to the terms that have been given.

1.How is Jun88’s privacy policy understood?

Any member who comes to play at the Jun88 house also needs to comply with all policies and terms that the playground is setting. The house will have the right to collect all player information or comment data for legitimate purposes and not affect the player.

The betting platform is also committed to complying with all regulations on the privacy of bettors and is committed not to disclose the secret to the outside in any way. All registered members need to accept all terms and conditions as well as provide accurate information to the house.

The betting platform is also committed to complying with all privacy regulations

2.What is the Jun88 privacy policy?

The house currently stipulates a number of specific player information protection policies as follows:

2.1 SM66 privacy policy on deposit and withdrawal

The transaction solutions for depositing and withdrawing money from the Jun88 house are providing players with a fast and stable payment system. Thereby, you can conduct transactions across multiple platforms quickly, you will enjoy the most perfect payment facilities.

Just make sure that the information provided is genuine and matches all registration data to be approved for transactions. In addition, during the implementation process, you also need to comply with the conditions of the maximum or minimum amount. If when making a payment, if there are any problems, players also need to contact us for the most detailed answer.

2.2 Information confirmation policy of the betting platform Jun88

To register for a member account at the Jun88 betting floor, players need to provide official information and cannot borrow anyone’s information. Because each person can only create 1 account and need to be 18 years old or older, if the information is created incorrectly, the house will not be responsible for this.

2.3 Jun88’s regulations on acts with signs of fraud

To participate in bonus hunting games at the Jun88 bookie, you need to register as a member as well as provide official information. In addition, it is a commitment to comply with the policy on fraud that the house offers. It is not allowed to cheat or perform acts that affect the interests of other players and the reputation of the house.

2.4Privacy Policy Jun88 Privacy

Players need to be responsible for the protection of their personal information and absolutely do not disclose information to anyone. Players are also not allowed to trade in other people’s game accounts and the Jun88 dealer also commits not to disclose information to any party.

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Privacy Policy Jun88 privacy

3.How is player data collected by Jun88?

The collection of customer data will be carried out by the house through many different methods and completely public so that players can rest assured.

Data from comments, when players make comments on the homepage, the house Jun88 will collect this information as a basis for analysis with the aim of improving the quality of the game experience.

Cookies data, this can ensure easier identification of participants and access to the betting platform. The collection process will also not affect the customer. for the purpose of completing the homepage only.

4.Why should you comply with the Jun88 privacy policy?

Players when participating at need to comply with all policies that the unit is setting for the following reasons:

If players cannot understand the rules of the playground, they can violate the rules whenever they do not know, which will lead to unnecessary consequences. This will lead to temporarily locked accounts or fines…

If your account is locked, it will be quite difficult to reopen your account because it requires multi-step verification.

You will avoid being scammed by bad actors when sharing information with others.

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Players should adhere to the Jun88 privacy policy


Above is the general information of Jun88’s privacy policy that players need to understand before participating. You need to keep in mind the rules set by the betting platform so as not to encounter unnecessary errors during the experience.

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