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Have you ever heard of “Soi Tram Lottery” or also known as “white hand lottery god”? For veteran lottery players, this term is no longer unfamiliar, but for beginners, this may be a new concept. In this article, Nhà Cái Trực Tuyến New88 will explore with you the meaning of diamond-shaped lotteries and the most effective prediction methods for this type of lotteries.

What is a canary ball prediction like?

Lottery prediction is a method of choosing numbers based on lottery results of previous periods. When these results combine to form a shape like a diamond, that is the sign to play the lottery for the next day.

Suppose, in three consecutive lottery prizes, there are two numbers A and B forming a diamond shape, then the player will bet heavily on the white card number B – A for the next period.

Dubbed the “white hand lotto god”, the diamond-shaped lotto is considered one of the rare and difficult to catch lotteries. To be successful with this fortune ball, players need not only luck but also very subtle and careful observation.

Extremely effective way to catch diamond-shaped lotteries

Lottery prediction methods are considered an art in the lottery world. Veteran players often consider coming across a diamond-shaped lot as a sign of luck, but turning this into real profits requires unique techniques and secrets. Join us in discovering the most accurate methods of predicting diamond-shaped lottery numbers today through the sharing of experts.

Method of predicting the filling in 3 consecutive prizes

One of the most popular ways to catch a diamond lottery is to observe the results of 3 adjacent prizes. This method is popular because it is easy to observe and does not require far-flung searching. When you see the number pattern “B ABA B”, this is the time to bet on AB, because this could be your golden moment.

Catch the diamond-shaped lottery yourself

Players can follow the lottery results table for a long time and look for the lottery pattern. Combine this with other prediction techniques such as silver lottery, head-to-tail betting, or liver lottery statistics. From there, you will find the best lotteries, optimizing your chances of winning.

Predict the canarium according to prize 1 – prize 4 & prize 6

Lottery-shaped lottery prediction according to prize 1 – prize 4 & prize 6 is a popular and effective method that many lottery players apply. Highly appreciated for its accuracy, players combine the diamond-shaped numbers from prize 1, prize 4.1, prize 4.4, and prize 6.2 to find the potential winning number for the next bets.

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Catch a double lottery player

How to catch double lottery numbers is one of the simplest and most effective methods. Double lots often appear without any disturbance, so when you look at the numbers and discover a number like 00957 in prize 7, it could be a sign for double lot 00.

Illustrative example: On October 21, 2023, the resulting jackpot was 00878. This is a sign that double lot number 00 is likely to appear the next day. And indeed, in the results dated October 22, 2023, lot 00 appeared.

Catch a lot of fillings in the shape of a missing corner

Although this method of predicting fillings in the form of a missing corner appears rarely, it brings a high winning rate. When you discover the missing corner shape in the diamond-shaped lotto ball, don’t miss your chance because this could be the key to winning. Usually, this type of missing angle appears in prizes 2 and 5 in the lottery results table.

Check your lottery results, brothers

Lottery prediction based on brother’s numbers is a method of predicting lottery results based on the following principle: If the previous day’s lottery results had 2 or 3 numbers flashing, it is a sign that another number will win. replace it and will appear in the next day’s lottery results.

Specific examples:

Suppose lot number 62 has lot number 2 flashing. According to the brother’s lotto lottery method, you should bet on number 61 or 63 in the next day’s lottery results, because there is a high possibility that one of these two numbers will appear. The actual results show that the next lottery number is 63.

These prediction methods require concentration and careful analysis from the player. Only when you truly understand and master the rules will your chances of winning become higher.

Experience in predicting the results effectively for bettors

Experience in predicting diamonds is one of the important parts to help you increase your chances of winning. Below are some effective tips and notes shared by veteran players that you should keep in mind:

  • Continuously monitoring the lottery results table is the first and most important step in the lottery prediction process.
  • In addition to diamond-shaped lottery prediction, mastering and flexibly combining it with other prediction methods is also very important. This combination not only increases efficiency in prediction but also helps optimize winning rate.
  • In any betting game, keeping a stable mentality is the key factor. A strong mentality will help you make accurate decisions and avoid hasty judgments.
  • Careful capital management is essential, especially when applying the Lottery prediction method. Consider and manage the amount you bet each day, making sure it is only a small percentage of your total capital.


Lottery prediction is a method of predicting lottery numbers that is highly effective for those who know how to apply it properly. Through this guide on how to predict numbers from New88, we hope you can grasp the necessary tips and techniques to detect potential numbers.

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