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Normally, football betting at nhà cái 789BET has a variety of bets for players to choose from. In which the corner bet is considered easy to play, easy to win. To learn more about how to watch corner bets, please follow our article below!

1.What is Corner Handicap?

In football, the corner bet means the player bets on the total number of corners scored by each team. In addition to the corner bet, 789BET sports also has many attractive bets for you. Depending on the situation of the match, you choose the appropriate bet.

How to view the corner bet is based on the performance and playing style of each player. Then the house gives the corresponding odds for you to bet. Usually, a match has between 10 and 12 corners. You just need to bet higher or lower than that limit. If you win, you will receive a bonus from the house and vice versa.

2.How to see the most popular corner bet today

Currently at the 789BET house, football betting games are always of special interest to players. Therefore, the odds of corner bets in this lobby are extremely rich and diverse. Here are some popular corner bets, specifically:

2.1 Full-time corner bets

In the full-time corner bet, you need to choose to bet on either Over or Under. Through the odds that the house offers, you should bet so that you have the advantage of winning. The way to read the full-time corner bet is very simple, the result that you predict is smaller than the house’s odds, then choose Under and vice versa.

2.2 How to view the corner bet 1×2

How to see the 1×2 corner bet to win the bet? Corner bet 1×2 means that the player will choose one of 3 bets: win, draw and lose. Each door has different odds and payouts. In general, this is a fairly common type of bet when registering 789BET to participate in betting.

2.3 Even-odd corner bets

For even and odd corners, players only need to bet on the number of corners that the team scored is even or odd. This bet is suitable for all types of players without wasting time thinking. Therefore, the odd-even corner bet is preferred by many players.

2.4 First Corner

Are you wondering how to see the first corner bet? With this bet, players only need to predict the team taking the first corner. Therefore, you need to learn the play style and attack ability of each team. Which team has a stronger attack ability, you should choose to bet.

2.5Last Corner

Similar to the above, the last corner bet requires the player to predict which team will score the last corner. Note, only counted within the official 90 minutes of the match. The last corner has a higher winning advantage when the player has been watching from the beginning and knows the performance of each team. 

Screenshot 5

3.Some experience on how to see high probability corner bets

In football betting, corner bets depend a lot on the element of luck. However, if the player knows how to see the corner bet, the probability of winning is higher. Here is the secret to the correct corner bet that you can refer to:

3.1 Find out information about each team

One of the effective ways to see the corner bet is that the player knows the information of each team. Each team has its own style of play, compare and choose to bet on the stronger team. You should bet on the team that has a fast moving player, good attack and defense ability. Because that team has the ability to score more corners.

Tìm hiểu : Đề chạm là gì

3.2 Choose the right time to bet

When a player places a bet also affects the outcome of winning or losing. When you have the correct analysis, please calmly continue to observe the game. The evolution of the football match is extremely complicated, you need to change the bet flexibly. You should make a bet before making a bet option!

3.3 What is the analysis of the nature of the tournament?

Finally, one of the ways to always win is to learn the nature of the tournament. That is, find out which team needs to score and which team plays in a position to preserve the score. Teams that need more goals will attack more. From there, you can choose the most accurate corner bet. 

Screenshot 6

In the above article, we have shared how to see the most accurate corner bet for your reference. Hope the above information helps you in the process of football betting. Good luck and don’t forget to register to receive the extremely attractive 789BET promotion!

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