Sicbo 789BET: Join Easily Get Big Bonus

Sicbo 789BET is probably a name that is no longer strange to those who bet at this house. This is a card game with a very interesting and attractive game rule that helps everyone to be entertained and earn money. To best understand information about this game, do not forget to learn with us in the article below.

1. What is Sicbo 789BET?

This is a type of dice game offered by the house 789BET. This game originated in China and has now been included in many online casinos. To play the game, you need to use a kit with 3 dice. The dealer will shake and based on the total points on 3 sides of those 3 dice to decide on the final winning or losing result.

Sicbo 789BET uses a set of 3 dice to participate

Sicbo 789BET has an easy and simple gameplay, so it is loved by many bettors. Participating in the game, you have many choices of different bets and a variety of payout ratios. This is a great opportunity for everyone to have fun while filling their wallets with money.

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2. The way to play the Sicbo game is fully and clearly shown

As you know how to play Sicbo game is not too difficult. Even rookies can participate in this game. However, in order for the bets to go smoothly and not be flustered, you should refer to the gameplay that has been fully demonstrated by 789BETs right below.

2.1 Bets in the game Sicbo 789BET

In this game you will have the right to participate in the selection with many different bets such as:

Over bet: Place a total of 3 dice with a value of 11 – 17.

Under Bet: Place a total of 3 dice with a value of 4 – 10.

Set Even: The sum of the 3 sides of the dice is even.

Odd: The sum of the 3 faces of the dice is odd.

Matching duo: You will place 2 out of 3 dice that appear with the same score.

Identical Triples: Laying 3 dice will return the same result.

Total bet: Sibo 789BET players need to correctly predict the total score of all 3 dice.

Number bet: The player chooses a specific number and bets on its occurrence when the result is announced.

Pair bet: Predict the occurrence of 2 numbers on 3 sides of the dice.

Sicbo 789BET Join Easily Get Big Bonus1

In the game there are many different bets for you to choose from

2.2 Rate of reward

Depending on each betting door in the game Sicbo 789BET will correspond to different reward rates. Therefore, you should keep in mind to choose the most suitable door as follows.

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Over/Under or Even/Odd: The odds are 1:1.

Uniform Doubles: Odds of 1:11.

Homogeneous trio: 1:30 feeding ratio.

Total bets will have different cases such as:

Doors 4, 17: Ratio 1;60.

Doors 5 and 16: Eat ratio 1:20.

Total score 7 and 14 eating ratio 1:12.

Total score 8 and 13: Ratio 1:8.

Total score 9, 10, 11, 12: Eat ratio 1:6.

Pair bet: Odds 1:6.

Number bets have also been divided as follows:

Number 1 occurrence: Eat at a ratio of 1:1.

Number 2 occurrences: Eat in a 1:2 ratio.

Number 3 occurrences: Eat in a 1:3 ratio.

Sicbo 789BET Join Easily Get Big Bonus2

The bets in the Sicbo 789BET game have a variety of bonus rates

2.3 Basic Sic Bo Rules

To play Sicbo 789BET does not take too much of your time. The beginning of the game in this game will allow many people to participate at the same time and the time to place money for the doors is also very fast.

According to the common convention, each table will consist of 3 dice with 6 faces. Each side is fully marked with dots from 1 to 6. They are contained in 1 bowl and 1 sealed plate to prevent people from seeing the movement of the dice.

The player’s task is to choose and place money on his favorite bet before the dealer shakes the disc. At the end of the betting time, the dealer will roll 3 dice inside. When the bowl is opened, it will be based on the scores of the dice to be the basis of winning or losing. With winning bets, you will receive an instant bonus.

3. The easiest way to play Sicbo at 789BET

Sicbo 789BET always creates an extremely strong attraction for gamers. If you also want to experience in this game, do not forget to follow the detailed instructions below.

Step 1: Go to the house according to the official link and then log in. For those who still do not have an account, please register before playing.

Step 2: Load your game wallet a certain amount that you want to use for this game.

Step 3: In the product list select Casino, then find the Sicbo game.

Step 4: Choose a table and bet according to your prediction.

Step 5: Wait for the Dealer to shake the disc and balance the results of winning or losing.

Sicbo 789BET Join Easily Get Big Bonus3

How to play Sicbo right at the house is simple

The above sharing will certainly give you a good understanding of Sicbo 789BET. This is definitely an interesting game that you should try once when participating in this house.

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