Sicbo HI88: A Complete Introductory Guide For Newbies

Sicbo HI88 is one of the most popular games in the casino lobby on the house system. Upgraded from the traditional version, this form promises to bring you many new experiences. In the article below, we will learn from A-Z about the rules and how to play Sicbo to make big money.

Introducing Sicbo HI88 – An attractive betting game from the table

First, Sicbo is a betting game that appeared a long time ago. Few people know, it is the super hit Tai Xiu in Vietnam. In terms of origin, Sicbo is said to have come from China. At the same time, it is also the game with the most names in the casino games.

Can point out a few names like Pontoon, DaiSiu, Big and Small, Hi-Lo, Tai Sai,…Because Tai – Xieu in Chinese means Dai – Little. This also partly shows the nature of the game.

Sicbo uses 3 6-sided dice with scores from 1 – 6 and takes the total score of 3 heads after the shock as the result of winning or losing. Players will predict Over or Under to find a chance to win a prize. With the strong coverage of the game combined with the explosion of internet technology, Sicbo HI88 born.

Traditional games today have been raised to a whole new level. Sicbo online at Nhà cái Hi88 will help you experience a more unique and attractive version of online dice play. Just staying at home, gamers can still easily participate in entertainment and bet with Sicbo HI88.

Even if you don’t go to a casino or an underground casino, you can still experience Tai Xiu very conveniently.In particular, the online version also has many interesting variations. Guaranteed gamers will be challenged with a variety of betting doors and a much better payout ratio.

Rules and how to play Sicbo HI88 fully for beginners


Whether playing directly at the casino or playing Sicbo online at HI88, you can rest assured because the basic rules remain the same. However, if you want to integrate into this red and black subject quickly, gamers should still consolidate the background knowledge.

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Sicbo Hi88 rules

As mentioned, Sicbo at HI88 will use 3 dice to start the game and take their points as the final result. That is, the player needs to predict the bet on the total of 3 heads of the 3 dice after rolling. In there:

  • Big: The player guesses the total of 3 dice between 11 – 17.
  • Under: The player guesses the total of 3 dice between 4 – 10.

Game Rules

Basically, Sicbo HI88 Not too different from the traditional type. As for the rules, the game does not limit the maximum number of players in each bet. Therefore, a game can have hundreds of people participating at the same time.

However, online Sicbo for real money at HI88 is attractive in that it offers a variety of betting doors for players to choose from. Not only stopping at 2 doors Tai – Uu, Sicbo HI88 There are many interesting ways to deposit money. Accompanied by different corresponding payout percentages. As follows:

  • Over/Under door: Reward ratio 1:1.
  • Odd Odds: 1:1 bonus ratio.
  • Total door: Bonus ratio from 1:8 – 1:66 depending on the total.
  • Specific number bets: The odds are from 1:1 – 1:3 depending on the number of times that number appears.
  • Pair door: 1:5 bonus ratio.
  • Any Double Door: 1:11 Bonus Ratio.
  • Specific duo door: 1:120 bonus ratio.
  • Any 3rd set: 1:30 bonus ratio.
  • Specific triple door: 1:180 bonus ratio.

How to play Sicbo HI88 in detail


As you know, Sicbo is currently very sought after by brothers at Hi88. In order for the game to be more favorable, bettors need to understand the entire process from start to finish. Specifically:

Step 1: Roll the dice

To start the session Sicbo HI88, Dealer will put 3 dice into a dedicated wooden box. Then conduct shocks 5-7 times and then put the wooden box down and keep the bet results secret.

Step 2: Place a bet

Next, players have about 15 seconds to consider and place bets on the bets as above. Depending on the amount of capital and playing strategy Sicbo HI88 I built, you can invest in 1 or more bets at the same time.

Step 3: Announce the results

After the player has placed the bet, the Dealer will open the box and announce the bet result. At this time, gamers base on the total points of heads of 3 dice to determine the winner or loser. If the prediction matches the result, you will receive a reward according to the odds and vice versa.

Above is information about Sicbo HI88 From rules to how to play have been synthesized to all gamers. Hope the article is useful to help you understand better and easily participate in betting with dice and win!

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