The Urban Meyer Lap Dance Video Scandal

The scandal surrounding the video of Urban Meyer dancing with a young woman has landed him in hot water. While he is still searching for his first NFL victory, the scandal could have worse consequences. The video was filmed over the weekend while Meyer was home in Ohio following a Bengals loss. The video surfaced on Twitter on Saturday, and Meyer’s wife responded by retweeting an image of her husband wearing the same outfit.

The video of the woman dancing next to Urban Meyer has gone viral, resulting in an internal investigation from the man’s marketing company. Meanwhile, the woman’s mother said that her daughter has been targeted with abuse and she prayed for her safety. The incident is not the first time Urban Meyer has been caught dancing with a woman, but it’s certainly the most publicized one. Now, it’s time for the man to answer to the allegations of sexual harassment.

The incident is still not over, but a woman’s mother shared her displeasure with the incident. She said the incident had affected her daughter’s mental health. Although the woman’s name was kept private to protect her daughter, she was photographed shaking Meyer’s leg during a visit to Columbus, Ohio, over the weekend. The woman’s mother said she had not been able to take her daughter anywhere after the incident.

A woman who attended a restaurant party hosted by Urban Meyer on Sunday is suing the oh-so-so-public video. Regardless of the motivation behind the incident, it was clearly not an innocent video. Meyer’s wife is likely to never forgive him and may never trust him again. However, Meyer’s remorse and pledge to reform is admirable. The company that hired him for the job will surely be grateful for this.

After the Bengals loss, Urban Meyer did not travel home with his team. Instead, he went to Ohio to visit his grandchildren. He was even seen dancing with a younger woman. It is unclear whether the incident happened after the Bengals loss or before. Although the Jaguars’ season has been rough, the head coach has made his first move as the play caller. So, it is important to be aware of what goes on behind the scenes in the office.

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