What is the Order of the Martyrs? Basic Guide to Playing Mau Binh Online

The order of trade is a very important content, any player who wants to win in this game must understand. This is also the content BK8 wants to mention in this article. Let’s go with the house Bk8 to find out the best information about this card game!

1.What is a card game? What is the order of soldiers in the game?

Mau Binh is a game with extremely high thinking. The game also uses a 52-card deck to be played at casino casinos. Mau Binh is also known by another name as the gray army. Originating in China, up to now, they have become a popular gambling game in bookies.

At the BK8 playground, when you come to this card game, you will be given 13 cards. According to the rules of the game, in matches, you must use the cards in your hand to play against three other opponents. So how will the order of trade be calculated and arranged?

To arrange into a deck in the correct order, you must understand the functions of each card. The order of game experience is arranged in ascending value: the lowest card is the number 2 card, then there will be cards from 3 to K, the largest card is A.

A special thing in this game is that you only need to pay attention to the numbers on the cards. Which means it doesn’t matter what suit the card has. One thing you need to keep in mind is that the limbs must be related to each other. If it is discrete, it will be considered a leak, in which case you will be fined.

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2.Arrange the order of trade troops correctly from small to large

Below, we will list the order of sorting from smallest to largest in the most accurate card game. Knowing these orders, you will have the most effective way to play trade war:

Tender: Consists of “junk” cards, without any special association.

Pair: A deck of two cards of equal value.

Animals: In a set of animals, there will be two 2 pairs.

Gray: A set of three cards of equal value.

Bucket: Contains a set of five random cards of the same suit.

Tickles: This deck will include two limbs, one gray and one pair.

Four of a Kind: The deck has four cards of the same value again.

Lobby Box: This is a string of consecutive values and of the same suit.

Dragon Hall: Is 13 cards of consecutive value and does not matter if they have the same suit or not.

3. Explaining some basic terms in the trading lesson

Collapse: After the game is over, the brothers rely on the order of trade to compare the limbs. If you compare 3 limbs and lose all 3 limbs, it will be called a crash.

Report: If in case a player has a special link, please notify the dealer and the player. If the report is successful, you will win and do not need to compare. But if the report fails, you will be compensated a large amount of money. Therefore, before the player reports, he must probe the opponent carefully.

Loose: This term is used to refer to the opponent’s hand that is not in the correct order of trade. Note that the position of the limbs is: the first two limbs include 5 leaves and the last one has 3 leaves. The limb behind must be stronger than the right limb first. If it is discovered that your card is broken, you will lose and suffer the penalty as agreed.

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4.Experience playing the gray army that is easy to win

Understanding the correct order in the game of mercantilism, it will be very easy for you to learn more good experiences or tips. Here are the most effective experiences shared by BK8 bookmakers:

4.1 Arrange in accordance with the prescribed trade order

Sorting the order in the game is a very important job to devise an effective playing strategy. When you know how to stack you will create a beautiful deck, so the probability of winning will be very high.

4.2 Look closely at the order of trade of the three opponents

In the process of playing cards, you also need to watch how your opponent arranges cards. This is a small experience, but not all players know when participating in the experience of the gray army. Through the order of cards, you will predict the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent.

4.3Playing in the order of three-barrel tradesmen

The way to play three barrels is a favorite playing experience by many players. This game helps him to deal with risky situations that may occur. If the deck in your hand is not too beautiful or can collapse all three, you still have your own strategy.

Through the above article of BK8, you must already know the exact order of trade in the game. Hopefully with this information you will accumulate more experience to win quickly in gambling. Wish you luck !

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