The ESWT Machine: A Way To Get Rid Of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can lead to major disruptions in a person’s life, but now there’s hope for people suffering from chronic pain. This article discusses how the new ESWT machine from GZ Longest can help people with chronic pain by taking away their pain.

ESWT Machine: What is it?

The ESWT machine is a device that uses hydraulic pressure and suction to massage the target area. The machine treats various types of chronic pain, such as neck pain, back pain, and arthritis.

The ESWT machine has several benefits over other forms of treatment for chronic pain. First, it is relatively quick and easy to use. Second, the machine is relatively affordable. And finally, the machine has a high degree of effectiveness in treating chronic pain.

Benefits of the ESWT

The ESWT machine is a device that uses rhythmic vibration to relieve chronic pain. The machine was originally designed to help people with back pain, but it is effective in relieving other types of pain. The benefits of using the ESWT machine include the following:

– It can provide relief from chronic pain

– It is easy to use

– There is little discomfort associated with its use

-Silent compressor: integrated KNF air compressor, providing you with quiet and comfortable treatment


Features of the ESWT

– Dual-channel design

– Silent built-in air compressor

– Vibration handpiece for muscle relaxation

– 7″ color touch screen, 10 languages support

– Ergonomic handpiece:2 million shocks tested

– Treatment guidance with images

– Rapid software update via USB port

– Advanced customization of UI, software & protocol

– Certificate: CE, FDA, HC, TGA, NRTL, ISO 13485, MDSAP, CFS



Patients with any of the following conditions are forbidden to use shockwave therapy device:

– Pregnant woman

– Post-operation (wound, exudation)

– Osteoporosis

– Growing children

– Coagulation defects

– Bleeding tendency

– Patient with pacemaker

– Neoplasms

– Cutaneous infections

– Lung area

– Spine

– Cortisone therapy up to 6 weeks before the first treatment

– Mental disorder (unable to express or have difficulty in the communication)

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