Trendy Summer Prints To Transform Your Look

Do you want to look bright and original? Forget about plain gray and gloomy toilets. It is time to try trendy images where dress floral print plays a key role.

Top Of The Best Dress Prints

So, it’s time to discuss the current season’s prints in more detail and show what things you should pay attention to be on trend and keep up with the times.

Dress Floral Print

For several seasons, floral print has taken the lead role in all patterned clothing. A wide range of visualizations Рfrom small floral patterns to images with giant buds, will allow every girl to create her unique style. Milla’s Jardin de Fleurs dress collection is the best investment in floristry for clothes. Choose your favorite cut with a flower print and enjoy this summer.


Everyone’s favorite striped print has been a relevant decoration for many clothes for several seasons. For the summer, we suggest paying attention to dresses with bright vertical stripes and unusual options, where the lines go randomly. In addition to dresses, a bar will look attractive on a blouse, top, T-shirt, or shirt.

Abstract Prints

The abstract print looks like paintings of great artists and is the hit summer of 2022. Many famous designers demonstrated their love for the art of modern abstraction this year. Unusual combinations of colors and textures will always make you look unique and bright.

Sea Theme

The ocean, waves and stones, sea corals or stars, fish, and multi-colored shells are another trend for summer. In such drawings, you can feel freedom and genuinely enjoy the sea beauty with decorations on clothes in the form of multi-colored stones, sequins, sparkles, etc.

How To Match Floral Print

The floral print is an excellent option for a simple but fashionable ensemble. A pair of hot pink or beige sandals are easy to integrate into this look. Is there any other option for dress floral print?

  • Combining only one thing with a floral pattern with other monochromatic wardrobe items is better. For example, a bright floral skirt is worn with a casual blouse, and a dress with a floral print perfectly complements a straight coat.
  • The larger your parameters, the larger the print size you can choose. If in doubt, choose a dress with medium-sized flowers. If your features are extensive, it is important to emphasize them with large flowers.
  • Choose fitted floral dresses. Such models will make you look feminine, giving the figure a fragile, slender silhouette. Give preference to fitted dresses from Milla floral collection.
  • Floral dress for women looks especially advantageous in soft neutral tones. Choose favor of beige, pale pink, sky blue, and milk shades, and you won’t go wrong.

The floral print is in trend every season. Where to buy a floral dress online? Check the Milla store for more party dresses and Milla Nova summer wedding options. The shipping is available in the USA and worldwide.

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