Magnificent Trekking experience in Bhutan with DrukAsia.

Bhutan is an incredibly beautiful country that is often referred to as the “Land of the Thunder Dragons”. It is home to some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world; jagged snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, lush valleys with flowing rivers, dramatic treks up towering mountains, and remote monasteries tucked away in hidden valleys. 

The country is home to over 700 species of birds, many of which can only be found in Bhutan, and many endangered animal species such as the snow leopard and red panda. From the world’s highest mountain, Gangkhar Puensum, to the world’s deepest valley, the Paro Valley, the country is a paradise for those seeking a nature escape. 

Due to the highly mountainous terrain of the country, trekking is one of the most popular forms of exploration in Bhutan. Traversing some of the Himalayas’ most iconic trails will give visitors the exquisite scenery of the country. 

For you to trek in Bhutan with the right equipment and guide, we highly suggest you check out  DrukAsia tours and treks.  

About DrukAsia : 

DrukAsia is a tour agency based in Bhutan, Singapore, and Nepal. DrukAsia is dedicated to creating an enjoyable and memorable experience for each traveler. It is a licensed tour agency under DrukAir Airlines The company offers a wide range of cultural tours, treks, and retreats in the mysterious country of Bhutan. With a wealth of options for every budget, the company can arrange custom-tailored trips to meet an individual traveler’s exact needs and desires. By using experienced local guides and well-planned itineraries, DrukAsia ensures that each journey is unique and memorable. DrukAsia’s experienced and knowledgeable staff is also available to answer any questions that travelers may have and provide useful advice regarding different routes and activities.

DrukAsia has created some amazing packages for trekkers and travelers. Making your Travel in Bhutan more memorable. 

A short overview of a few of their packages – 


Drukasia’s Jomolhari trek package offers clients a chance to experience the grand beauty of the Himalayan Mountain Ranges of Bhutan. The trek is 11 days long and covers most areas near Jomolhari. Tourists will travel through ancient forests, lush valleys, rural mountain villages, and more. The package also includes four nights of camping with stunning views of the Jomolhari. 


Druk Path Trek Package is designed for the traveler that desires to explore Bhutan’s majestic Himalayas. This multi-day trekking experience takes clients through the stunning Druk Path. Along the way, you will explore breathtaking landscapes, secret monasteries, and remote mountain peaks. 


Drukasia’s Walking Day Tour Packages give travelers a memorable experience of Bhutan’s culture and heritage. These ten-day tours offer clients a chance to explore rural villages and observe the traditional art and culture of Bhutan from the comfort of the road. Clients have the option of going on a cultural journey through the Thimphu district, Punakha district, and Gangtey.

Nature & Trekking :

Drukasia’s Nature & Trekking Package is all about exploring Bhutan’s rugged scenery. This allows clients to view remote mountain passes, idyllic villages, and majestic glaciers. They can view the untouched beauty of the mountain range. This package is ideal for travelers who are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in Bhutan.

Their website has more than 10+ packages for trekking. You will also find other types of Bhutan tour packages.  and you can contact them to book your slots. 

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