The most attractive Sam Loc reward card game of 2021

Sam cyclone reward card game is a form of online card playing with a similar playing style to Tien Len in the North. Currently on the market there are many bookmakers offering players this game. Play card game with prizes Sam cyclone not only entertains but also brings bonuses along New888 Read the article now.

What is the Sam Loc prize exchange card game?

Sam reward card game Cyclone is similar to the song Tien Len of the North, was born a long time ago and has its own unique features. This type of card game is played with 52 cards, very simple and suitable for all ages. A game can have from 2 to 5 players, each player will be dealt 10 cards. The playing order of the game will go counter-clockwise.

Along with the development of technology, this game also changes to meet the market. In addition to the traditional type of play, there are now Sam cyclone reward card game online. 


Before participating in the games of Sam cyclone reward card game You need to understand the rules of the game. To ensure your own rights in the game. When participating in the game, players have the right to block the cards of the person ahead of them if they hold larger cards (straights) in their hands. Sam is used to block repentance, double is used to block double and hall is used to block straight.

In this type of card, any four of a kind can block a 2 card. A set of fours can block a maximum of 1 2 card. To block a pair of 2s, you need to have 2 sets of fours. In the game, if all players remain, they can continue to play cards for the next turn.

In case the player comes first with 2 2s, it will be considered a 2-out and will not win the bet. Play until the player only has 1 card left in hand and must notify the members in advance. The remaining members must come up with good strategies to stop the person who just announced the end of the card. If the person in the middle cannot block it and lets the announcer go first, they will have to pay.

How to calculate points for Sam Loc prize exchange card game

How to calculate points of Sam cyclone reward card game quite complicated, usually at the end of each question the system will calculate a specific score. However, you can also learn how to calculate to check again.

  • Winning white: calculated by 20 cards multiplied by the bet amount then plus 1 four of a kind and 1 2 card.
  • Normal win: calculated from the total number of cards in hand multiplied by the bet amount then plus 1 four of a kind and 1 2.
  • Village temple: to avoid having to pay the village temple, the player can ask for the village. If they cannot ask, they will have to pay 20 cards multiplied by the bet and the number of players.
  • Ask for a village: Players who successfully ask for a village will receive 20 cards for each other player in the game multiplied by the bet.
  • Four of a kind cuts 2: 1 four of a kind cuts 1 2, scoring is equal to 15 cards.
  • Four of a kind cuts four of a kind: the person who plays the four of a kind and gets cut will count 10 cards/set.
  • Cong: the player is counted 15 cards multiplied by the bet then plus 1 2 and 1 four of a kind.
  • Roll 2: the person who rolls 2 will count 5 cards divided by card 2.
  • Cut pile: the number of cut piles will be calculated multiplying the number of turns by 15 cards/turn.

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How to play Sam Loc prize exchange card game

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How to play the game Sam cyclone There is a way to play that is no different from the traditional way of playing. At each player’s interface, information about their opponents will appear, with the order being 2 people facing you and 2 people on both sides. The system will automatically arrange and deal the cards for you. Your cards will also be ranked from low to high. However, you can also rearrange it according to your wishes.

The game will take place counter-clockwise, regardless of quality, so it is very easy for you to participate in the game. If you feel like you can’t win, you can also ask for a village right from the beginning of the game. The system will display information asking for support from the village as well as notify other players.

The game will end when a player runs out of cards. The ranking order will depend on the number of remaining cards the player holds in hand. If you play all the cards without being blocked, you will win, otherwise you will be immediately defeated and the winner will be handed over to the blocker.

How to redeem rewards when playing games

Most bookies have it Sam cyclone reward card game Everyone has 2 accounts to store money. An account is only for free game experience and cannot be converted to cash. The remaining account is an account used to redeem rewards when you accumulate enough money. Accumulate more by depositing money and playing games in VIP rooms then exchange money if you win.

Play card game with prizes Sam cyclone It not only helps you entertain but also helps you earn a large sum of money.

Where to play Sam Loc prize card game?

If you want to try Sam cyclone game then you should choose these reputable bookmaker to play. Currently, there are many bookmakers offering this type of game that you can choose to participate in. Below are some bookmakers that you can refer to.

Bookmaker V9Bet

This is a bookmaker chosen by many people because the game portal is reputable, quality and puts the interests of players first. You can play Sam Loc prize exchange card game at V9Bet anywhere with a smart device with an internet connection. This house is extremely reputable and has a commitment not to disclose customer information, so you can completely rest assured when using the service here.

Play Sam Loc prize exchange card game on W88

W88 is also considered a reputable bookmaker today in the Vietnamese market. The advantages of this house are extremely fast deposit and withdrawal times, beautiful game interface and many promotions. You can choose to play Sam Loc card exchange game on the website or download the game to your phone or mobile device.

Bookmaker Bet365

Bet365 This is also one of the good bookmakers with good reviews for betting card games as well as attractive sports betting that you can refer to.

The Sam Loc prize exchange card game is modeled after the model of a professional casino, so it is especially loved by gamers. Players can participate in the game and redeem rewards quickly and flexibly. If you have any problems in playing and redeeming rewards, you can contact the system 24.7 to be resolved quickly and accurately.

Play Sam Loc prize exchange card game at the house New88

The biggest advantage of this house is that it has quick reward redemption time, an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, and a smart virtual assistant that helps prevent cheating in the game.

Big system but New88 Always maintained and serviced so it rarely has problems and always operates as smoothly as possible. In addition, this house also regularly has promotions for new players and loyal customers.

Tips for playing the Sam Loc prize exchange card game

If you are not a professional player but still want to be able to receive bonuses from this game, you need to know a few tips. Some playing tips from professional gamers shared below can help you have a higher win rate.

Don’t let it rot 2

In the game, card 2 has the highest value, but you should not keep this card if you have the opportunity to use it. Because at the end of a game, the player still holding card 2 will be considered a loser and will be penalized a lot of points. You should use card 2 when your opponent plays single, you must concentrate to make the best use of this powerful card.

If the cards are bad, how do you play them?

If your cards are too bad, you don’t need to worry too much, just calmly play the previous straights (if any). Try to play junk cards when your opponent plays cheap cards, you may turn defeat into victory.

Block high cards

Another secret to help players win Sam cyclone is to block the opponent’s high cards. If you see cards that you can play, you need to be careful to avoid falling into your opponent’s traps.

Please try to refer to the information about Sam cyclone reward card game, register an account at a bookmaker and try playing. You will not be able to resist the appeal of the game if you try it once.

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